Handyman Services in Gig Harbor WA

Homes are meant to be lived in, which means they need a little upkeep occasionally. If you’ve got a mounting list of minor repairs and updates you need to make, pass the list to Chamberlain Construction LLC. We’re capable of delivering home repair of all types, so you can keep your Gig Harbor, WA home looking its best. We’ll touch up the paint, repair the woodwork, fix little damages and do whatever else you need—all with a perfectionist’s touch.

  • Carpentry

    Leave your woodworking projects to our team and reap the benefits of experienced craftsmanship! We can replace the trim and molding in your home, as well as cabinetry, window frames, built-ins and much more. Let us leave your home looking and feeling warmer with quality woodwork.

  • Drywall repair

    Gouges, scrapes and holes can appear in drywall as if by magic, and they’re not always easy to repair. We deal extensively with drywall, performing repairs of all sizes, no matter how much mudding and taping is needed.

  • House Repairs

    Homeowners throughout Gig Harbor, WA have chosen us as their go-to handyman because we take the time to do things right. We welcome projects big and small, from simple repairs to major upgrades. Trust that we’ll use quality materials and take the time to ensure the work is well-done. Best of all, our prices are affordable!

  • Painting

    Whether you’re painting an accent wall, a whole room or your whole home, we’re ready to put our painting experience to work for you! We use only the best paint and primer products, ensuring even coverage and great color saturation.

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Don’t let things fall by the wayside and leave your home looking worse for the wear. Make Chamberlain Construction LLC your handyman of choice and let us help keep your home looking its best, so you can live comfortably in a home that’s well-maintained. Give us a call today at 253-625-4944 with your to-do list and we’ll get right on it.

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